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Phoenixx Phoundation
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Where kindness comes back around.

At The Phoenixx Phoundation we are here to help cancer patients and their families.


The Phoenixx Phoundation at a Glance

Cancer is fight and we're here to help you in your time of need.

At The Phoenixx Phoundation we know that the cancer fight is an emotional battle and can be financially draining we want to help you.

In 2017, our Founder and CEO Lisa Reeves was battling breast cancer with a child attending college and 2 at home. The FAFSA did not recognize her cancer as an extenuating circumstance. Had it not been for the help of the college institution her son attended and his extraordinary tenacity he would not have been able to complete his college education. 

After surviving her battle with cancer and seeing how hard her child struggled financially with his college education, she decided that she had to do something. So in the summer of 2021 The Phoenixx Phoundation Inc. took flight.


Student at St. Thomas Aquinas College

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